My name is Dawn.

I'm a therapist, a parenting consultant, and I run a program for parents of anxious kids.

I am not currently taking on New Counseling Individual clients

I am open to doing short-term parenting consulting (one or two or three sessions — parents rarely need more than two — to address a parenting challenge). Please reach out if you’re curious about how this might work. I can usually fit these kinds of very short-term sessions into my full schedule. That said, my child anxiety program (see below) may be a more accessible, less expensive option for families.

Are you seeking help for your anxious child?

Child Anxiety Support is a program for parents of anxious kids based in large part on the SPACE (Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions) program. It includes on-demand classes, webinars, and live support all housed in a private online community. This is NOT counseling and the program is not HIPAA compliant; it is a psychoeducation program to teach parents of anxious children and teens how to better address their child's anxiety.

How do you know if Child Anxiety Support is right for you?

  • You don’t have time in your schedule for workshops or support groups: The program is asynchronous, meaning you can check in whenever you have time. The courses, resources, and support are on demand and housed in software that is available in your web browser or via an app for your phone.
  • Your child is already in counseling: Child Anxiety Support gives you the tools to better support your child’s skill building and mastery.
  • Your child isn’t in counseling: The program is for parents. Research shows that your parenting isn’t the problem but it is the solution. Learning how to parent an anxious child is key to your child’s success.
  • You feel fed up, exhausted, or discouragedParenting an anxious child is difficult and demanding. Their anxiety makes US anxious, too! We worry about them, worry about how to support them, worry that we’re doing it wrong, and worry that things will get worse. If you feel stuck then it’s definitely time to get help!

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