My name is Dawn and I love helping struggling parents.

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I'm a licensed professional clinical counselor.

I have a private practice in Central Ohio (currently fully online) where I support teens and adults. While I usually also see children under 12, since the pandemic I am shifting that work to supporting parents in supporting their kids.

I have post-graduate training in postpartum mood disorders, infant-toddler mental health, and working with families of anxious children.

Child Anxiety Support

Is Your Child’s World Getting Smaller Because Of Their Anxiety?

  • Does your child melt down or flip out before or after new experiences (baby sitters, new food, visits with family)?
  • Do they complain of headaches and stomaches even though the doctor says they’re fine?
  • Do they have trouble falling asleep because they’re worried about earthquakes, robbers, or what’s going to happen at school tomorrow?

I work with thoughtful, attuned, highly sensitive parents who feel trapped by their children’s anxiety and who want to break free.

Online Course

A research-informed program with weekly lessons and homework that fits your busy life. Plus additional time in the program to refine what you've learned with my support.

Community Support

Hosted in a private membership site, Child Anxiety Support offers safe space to process the heavy lifting of parenting a child with anxiety.

Live Events

Zoom Q&As and extra educational webinars that are always recorded so you can watch them at your own convenience. Plus I am available on the site to answer any questions.

Reasonably Priced

The 12-week program is only $497, which includes the Strong Kids, Strong Families course; CBT Family resource collection; live events; and many other parenting workshops.