I work with struggling moms and parents of anxious kids

(Who Are Often The Same People)

Hi, I'm Dawn.

I'm a therapist, parent educator, and program facilitator

Raising Kids Is The Most Triggering Work That We Will Ever Do.

Nothing will bring out the bumps and bruises of our own childhoods; nothing will so expose us to our own hopes, fears and frustrations; and nothing will force us to confront our demons like becoming a parent. We need (and deserve) help from healing partners — friends, loved ones, healthy family members and community helpers — who will support us towards growth, understanding and joy.

I Understand This — Deeply — And I Am Here For You.

I love working with parents who are struggling, especially a parent who is working working really really really hard to do things differently than her own mother. Parenting is just that much harder when we don’t have good role models to start with. I offer nonjudgmental support, real world education (based on your unique self and your unique kids), and actual useful guidance when it comes to raising your family.

Ways I Can Help

You Are Not Your Mother

A community site for parents who feel like they were raised by wolves and want to do things differently with their own families. Self-directed classes, community support and live events.

One to One Child
Anxiety Support

An intensive, individual 8-week program rooted in research designed to give you all the tools, support, and direction you need to address your child's anxiety via zoom calls and voter support.

Self Directed
Child Anxiety Support

A structured group course that you can take at your own time with a library of resources and weekly live group calls that are always recorded for you to access later.

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