Pandemic Running

When I tell people that I’m running less they think I’m asking for help solving a problem but there isn’t one unless you count the pandemic and that’s not solvable.

Woolgathering (making sense of nonsense)

When sheep are wandering out in a meadow, passing by prickly bushes and rubbing up against trees, they leave bits of their wool caught on the branches and fence posts. Back when farmers had to keep track of every little thing someone would be sent out to catch those little lost tufts of wool and […]

The most important thing I learned in Soc class

W.I. Thomas: “If people believe something to be true, it is true in its consequences.” In other words, we act on our beliefs as if they were facts, right? I think about this all the time because it helps me understand why other people hold as firmly to their beliefs as I hold to mine. […]