Crisis Pregnancy Counseling

I offer crisis pregnancy counseling because I support women who need a safe place to figure out their next steps when confronted with an unplanned pregnancy.

An unexpected pregnancy can throw the best laid plans into disarray. Without judgment or bias, I give my clients a sounding board to help them make decisions around a crisis pregnancy and offer support as they live out their choices.

I am a pro-choice therapist meaning that I support my clients as they consider all of their options.

I help my clients:

  • Educate themselves about their options;
  • Explore their values and make decisions that reflect those values;
  • Look for unbiased resources or resources that reflect their own worldview;
  • Deal with the reactions from friends and family whether supportive or not;
  • Create a concrete plan for whichever choice they exercise;
  • Help them identify a path that will support them as they live out their choices.


You are not alone in this struggle.