It's time to free your family.

Parenting an anxious child or teen takes skills that don’t come naturally. But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn them! 

The Child Anxiety Support program teaches you what you need to know to free your family from the trap of your child’s anxiety.

How much time do you spend on your child's anxiety?

The reassurances, the arguing, calming them down and talking them up. Parenting an anxious child is time consuming!

Wouldn’t you rather spend that time cheering them on? Congratulating them on their accomplishments? And having fun as a family?

Learn how to support your anxious child instead of accommodating their anxiety.

Weekly Lessons

Walk you through creating a personalized, research-informed, and effective plan.

Live Support

Chats and Zoom calls so you get answers and directions when you need them.

Resource Library

Cognitive behavioral techniques and activities to build skills in your family.


Share the rewards, challenges, and frustrations of parenting sensitive, intense kids.

The Mistake Parents of Anxious Kids Make:

Avoiding the things that make their children anxious! But how do we get them to face their fears without making things worse?

Join today and you’ll learn how to create an individualized plan to build your child’s confidence and competence!

Along with the program, you get access to a loving, understanding, and PRIVATE community that you can reach via desktop or app to make getting support easy ANYWHERE and ANYTIME.

The lessons and chats were really helpful. Lots of ideas coming together and so helpful to have a community to vent to who understands. I enjoyed being able too share my small victories. Dawn is a knowledgeable, compassionate guide.

Maria, parent of an anxious child

I feel like it was an excellent quantity of material and duration of the program. Dawn is so clear and comforting. I found myself smiling and laughing throughout the course. I benefitted from the clear explanations and examples. I think it's worth reading through this course repeatedly, every year or two, maybe.

Tree, parent of an anxious child

Respond instead of reacting!

You’ll learn how to design a clear plan to tackle your most pressing concerns. You’ll know what to do when and will be able to reach out for support if you get stuck. 

Every section was thought-provoking and nothing was a throw-away idea. Almost none of this was something that I had a solid grasp on either recognizing or understanding. I feel more grounded that I am on the right course for myself and family and have more tools.

Susan, parent of an anxious child

Dawn is honest, smart and trustworthy. I wish every family could access this program. She says things in a way I can understand and helps me keep perspective even when I'm overwhelmed.

Katie, parent of an anxious child

Anxiety runs in families.

If you have an anxious child you might struggle with anxiety, too, especially around their anxiety!

Get direction that unhooks you from the worry loop that has you and your child stuck! 

How it works:

Strong Kids, Strong Families

Six weeks to create and implement a plan that tracks the impact of your child's anxiety on the family and identifies the appropriate intervention.

CBT Family

Access the Resource LIbrary to build your and your child's coping skills including Emotional Literacy, Calm Down Tools, and mindfulness.

Attend Live Support

Reach out to me for support and direction whenever you feel stuck. Connect with the community and ask questions. Attend webinars and Q&As.

Once you understand how the program works you will know how to address anxiety long-term. The program is simple but not necessarily easy! That’s why I offer a monthly Stress Reset live meditation practice with Eve Hermann LMT SEP, an additional course on Understanding Change (and why it can be so difficult), and monthly live Coffee Hours when we can talk casually about what’s going on and what you need.

Get a Sneak Peek inside the Strong Kids, Strong Families course

just click the class titles below to see each week's line up

  • It’s not your fault (it is your responsibility)
  • What Anxiety Can Look Like
  • The Shape of Your Child’s Anxiety
  • The Shape of Your Anxiety
  • Your Assignment Summed Up
  • What’s Next
  • There’s no such thing as a baby
  • Kids grow inevitably (but sometimes reluctantly)
  • The Hard to Change Kid
  • Adjust Your Expectations
  • Your Assignment Summed Up
  • What’s Next
  • Why We Start With You
  • Anxiety Through the Lens of Your Behavior
  • Accommodation Examples
  • Spotting Accommodations
  • Creating Your Accommodation Map
  • Your Assignment Summed Up
  • What’s Next
  • Exposure: What it is
  • Eliminating Accommodations
  • Choosing the Accommodation
  • Should Your Child Have a Say?
  • Who’s Going to Help
  • Informing Your Child
  • The Letter
  • Your Assignment Summed Up
  • What’s Next
  • Facing Resistance (Theirs)
  • Facing Resistance (Yours)
  • Rinse and Repeat
  • Celebrate Wins
  • A quick note about rewards
  • Your Assignment Summed Up
  • What’s Next
  • Lean On (and Build) the Relationship
  • Integrating Lessons
  • Beyond CBT
  • Your Assignment Summed Up
  • What’s Next

You also get:

  1. Managing Parental Anger, Nitty Gritty Child Development, Understanding Temperament and a growing body of other courses!
  2. Webinars that offer deep dives into specific topics like Anxiety and Perfectionism and the upcoming Rage and Anxiety
  3. Workbooks and hand outs to make the process easier
  4. All housed in an easy to navigate, private community with an app for iOS and Android

Research shows that anxiety does NOT get better without intervention. Children who don’t get the help that they need continue to struggle often developing low self esteem and depression along with their anxiety symptoms.

Don't let anxiety hold your child back!

If you're exhausted by managing your child's anxiety then this program is for you!

People who don't have an anxious child don't get how hard it can be. Dawn gets it. I felt so guilty before I worked with Dawn but I don't beat myself up anymore. I don't feel like everything is all my fault anymore and I enjoy being with my daughter again.

Carrie, parent of an anxious child

It was 100% worth the time and effort to join.

Bridget, parent of an anxious child

Family support is an essential piece of effective anxiety intervention!

In other words, your parenting has never been the problem. Your parenting is the SOLUTION to your family’s struggles with childhood anxiety! Let me show you how!

Still have Questions?

When you enroll in the Child Anxiety Support program or begin working with me as a consultant please understand that this is NOT counseling; I am operating as an educator and facilitator. The program is structured and directive. We will be moving forward with clear goals.

Some of the parents in this program are also getting therapy and sometimes their children are getting therapy. In those cases, I encourage the parents to talk to their and/or their child’s therapist to make sure that working with me makes sense for their family at this time. Sometimes therapists want to check with me to learn more about the program and make sure it’s a good fit for their clients. I’m happy to discuss this with them as long as those parents have signed the necessary releases of information that allow me to do so.

The group program offers general information about anxiety and asks you to consider the unique needs of your child(ren) and family. Most parents find it easier to focus on the needs of one child at a time but ultimately you can use the resources in whatever way will best serve your family.

The program is effective for little kids, big kids and teens. 

No, your child does not need a formal diagnosis. We will do a screening at the beginning to explore the nature and shape of your child’s anxiety but that is not a diagnostic assessment. If you feel your child would be best served by getting a formal diagnosis, I encourage you to reach out to a therapist who can offer these services.

Obviously if your child DOES or has ever received an official anxiety or OCD diagnosis, that’s fine, too.

I bring three decades of experience working with, writing about, and researching parenting and families to my time with you. My work as a therapist in private practice; parent educator; preschool teacher; family case manager; and family studies college instructor have all given me the skills and knowledge to assist you in changing patterns that no longer serve yourself or your child.

My masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and my post-graduate certification in Infant-Toddler Mental Health, as well as my training in maternal mental health, cognitive behavioral therapy, and dialectical behavioral therapy further inspires our work together.

The program is based in large part on the evidence-based program SPACE (Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Exposure Response Prevention but is augmented by the many workshops, courses, and trainings I’ve taken over the years.

The program is $55/month or $550 year. The first month is free to give you time to see if it’s the right fit for your program. If you are interested in hiring me one-to-one as a consultant then there is a package price, which includes a free membership to the program.

If you’re ready to get started right now, you can go here to sign up.

You get 30 full days to try the program before your card ever gets charged. I offer this generous policy because I know how busy we parents are and understand that you need a nice long time to kick the tires!

If you or your child are a current client and you are interested in this program, please bring this up with me at our next session. We will need to talk about boundaries and make sure that the program is a good fit for you at this time.

Parenting an anxious child or teen takes skills that don’t come naturally to most of us. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t learn them!

The program works for little kids, big kids and teens!

Don't let anxiety hold your child back!

Your child does NOT have to miss out on activities and opportunities! They CAN overcome their anxiety with YOUR help and support!


$ 55
Per Month
  • First month absolutely free to give you time to explore
  • Access to Strong Kids, Strong Families and CBT Family to supercharge your ability to attend to your child's anxiety
  • All live events including webinars, coffee hours and zoom calls


$ 550
Per Year
  • 12 months for the price of 10 plus the first month free
  • Access to Strong Kids, Strong Families and CBT Family to supercharge your ability to attend to your child's anxiety
  • All live events including webinars, coffee hours and zoom calls​

Individual Consulting

one to one
$ 1500
8 weeks
  • 1 year Membership to the site with all the courses, live events, and community support
  • Weekly 60 minute meeting with me via phone or zoom over eight weeks
  • All live events including webinars, coffee hours and zoom calls