July 18, 2021

Next week we’re driving to Washington DC to visit our oldest and to pick our youngest up from a visit with him. We hope to swing through Richmond VA either on the way there or on the way home. Before we leave I’ll be jam-packed with client work, which is how this past year and a half has been. 

After spending six weeks in May focused on the Bounded Compassion class with You Are Not Your Mother members I am thinking long and hard about my own boundaries around work. During the trauma of lockdown things got blurry as there was such urgency and fear and now I need to figure out how to recover from that and how to wean myself away from the intensity of work. I’ve been talking with colleagues a lot as this has been the experience for many of them, too, and we’re all working our way out of it.

It certainly has been a reckoning and I am curious about how I’ll see it all months (years) from now and what I will know about my decision making in the future. It doesn’t all make sense now but I hope it makes sense someday.

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