What I’m doing these days

Right now I am contemplating how to open my office safely. As long as there is a mask mandate in place I’m sticking with telemental health but I can see (fingers crossed) that there will be a time when we can safely meet indoors. I’m figuring out how I’m going to do that and that’s occupying quite a bit of my ruminating brain space. Both of my kids, my husband, and myself are fully vaccinated as of today and that is a huge relief.

I also continue to work to get the word out about the membership site. And I’m working with Jen Louden to figure out how to do that. It’s stretching my comfort levels, let me tell you. I’m also designing the Bounded Compassion class, which is about creating and keeping healthy boundaries.

Finally I’m working on building my running stamina back up although the pollen count is so high here that now might not be the best time to do this. I spent most of my runs wheezing — not badly enough to need an inhaler but it certainly slows me down.

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Loveland, OH