Sometimes parents just need extra support.

What's the difference between parent consultation and counseling?

Counseling also has goals and directives but there is time to step back and consider the impact of the past. Counseling is also meant to help you figure things out for yourself by giving you tools and insight.

In consulting the focus is on what we can do NOW. While I will also offer tools and insight we will be more focused; there is more direction and advice.

While counseling doesn’t always require a diagnosis, consulting never does. If I feel that you or your child might be served better by a diagnosis of any kind I will refer to the appropriate therapist or professional.

In consulting we’re working on building your skills in working with your unique child and your unique family. There is no one-size-fits-all in parenting so we will spend time on understand the context of your challenges and then we will work to identify the skills you need to best serve your child, your family and your self.

Sometimes directed homework is part of counseling and sometimes it is not. But in consulting there are always things we are trying and I will give you assignments so we can figure out what works, what doesn’t, and help you be more effective in your parenting.

My consulting fee is the same as my counseling fee: $150/hour. 

If you are specifically interested in direct support around parenting an anxious child, I encourage you to check out Child Anxiety Support, which is a group program but individual support is available as well.

If you are Interested in talking about consulting with me then please give me a text or call or use the contact form below.