No Guarantees

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I’m not a great marketer and so I’ve been reading and following some expert-types to learn how to do it. One of the things they say is that you have to make promises to people about how whatever you’re offering is going to CHANGE THEIR LIFE and then give specifics. In the parenting sphere that […]

Are my child’s struggles my fault?

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It’s the therapy stereotype, right? It’s always the parents’ fault! No wonder then that many of the parents I see in my therapy office come in feeling defensive or feeling guilty. “Did I do something wrong?” they ask me. “Did I create these issues? Is it all my fault?” My answer to this is probably […]

Nobody does anything they don’t want to do

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A long, long time ago in my parenting (not professional) life, I got in a friendly argument with another mom about whether or not kids should be “made” to do something they didn’t want to do. My friend said, yes, of course, because we all have to learn to do things that we don’t want […]

When You Don’t Like Your Kids

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If you’ve got kids, I bet there have been times when you don’t like them very much. Maybe you feel guilty about that but you know I’m an anti-guilt crusader so I’m here to tell you that I haven’t met a parent yet (and I’ve met a lot of parents) who likes their children 100% […]

Why You Should Let Your Child Have the Last Word

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Sometimes when you’ve won an argument you can help the person who lost save face by letting them get the last word in. I think this can be particularly helpful with kids. You can help move things along by letting a kid stomp away mumbling. This seems counterintuitive and I know it’s tempting to holler, “What’s that? […]

To the parent feeling like a bad mother

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I see you over there, avoiding friends, avoiding Facebook (or staying up late reading Facebook like a punishment, because you think you deserve to feel bad about yourself). I see you at the grocery store with the tantruming 3-year old, trying not to cry or scream or completely lose it yourself. I see you at […]

Parenting is a Process

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Children are always changing; it’s what they’re supposed to do. Just when you think you have this parenting thing figured out, they’ll change.

You Can’t Rush Development

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Babies are gonna learn to walk when they’re ready to walk. Preschoolers are gonna learn to use the potty when they’re ready to use the potty. Kids are gonna learn to read when they’re ready to read. Teenagers are gonna learn to make responsible choices when they’re ready to make responsible choices. Every single stage […]

Nurturing Development

Children are developing beings with emphasis on developing. We tend to have unrealistic ideas about what they are capable of doing.