I wanted to talk about who could benefit from parenting classes because that person might be you.

  1. Anyone who feels like he or she is parenting at odds with his or her partner. If you’re parenting one way and your child’s other parent is parenting another way and you find yourself knocking heads or arguing about what to do next, going to a parenting class together can help you get on the same page. Problem Solving Parenting encourages parents to sit down and map out exactly what their goals are for their kids. Sometimes co-parents are very surprised to find out that what they value is a little lower on their partner’s list. Understanding the other person’s goals and point of view can be a huge help in discussing parenting dilemmas.
  2. Anyone who feels like they’re having to reinvent this whole parenting thing as they go. Some of us stride forward into each new developmental territory with absolute confidence. And then there’s the rest of us who are periodically baffled by this or that child’s brand new stage. The Problem Solving Parenting course in the You Are Not Your Mother membership gives parents an overview of the typical stages of development and looks at the different temperamental types, which helps parents get a handle on where their child is now, why she’s there and what she’s likely to do next.
  3. Anyone who is baffled by any particular child at any particular time. Because we discuss the unique needs of different kids, parents who come to these classes walk away with a better handle on each child in the family and how their interactions are influenced by individual styles and temperaments. We also talk about our own place in the family and how who we are influences our children’s reactions and our own expectations. In other words, sometimes we really are speaking a different language than our children are and that’s nobody’s fault.
  4. Anyone who is anxious about their child’s future. In the course of the workshop, we examine and challenge the fears that can limit our options in ways that aren’t helpful. We work to understand when we’re being appropriately responsible and when we’re unnecessarily constrained by our worries.
  5. Anyone who worries that they’re not a good enough parent. There are many, many ways to be a good parent. Problem Solving Parenting is not a class that tells parents to put tab A in slot B to build a perfect child; this is a class that understands that every single family is unique and every single parent is unique and every single child is unique. People leave the class with greater confidence in their own abilities as a parent and the resources to learn more.
  6. Anyone who has ever been frustrated, annoyed or angry at their kid (i.e., all of us).

The You Are Not Your Mother has the general Problem Solving Parenting class at the heart of the program with a take-at-your-own-pace course and regular Zoom calls to work the model together. It also hosts smaller one-off classes for particular parenting challenges as well as workshops just for you and your well being. And of course, there is support and loving accountability available in the groups and forums. Sign up for the waitlist and you’ll get my short, sweet and useful Sunday newsletter and you’ll also get access to legacy life-time pricing when the site goes live in January. See you there!

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